The links provided below will connect you to websites and information you are likely to need while providing care for your grandchild or other relative. For specific information in your county, click here.

Office of Recovery Services: ORS can assist you in obtaining child support and establishing paternity of the children you are caring for. You can also access the Paternity Matters website. 

Division of Child and Family Services: If you are a relative caregiver and want to become a foster parent for a child that is related to you, please visit this website for more information.

Utah Courts: To obtain the packet to file for guardianship or custody.

School Districts in Utah: For the school districts and phone numbers to register kinship children into school.

Department of Workforce Services (DWS): To find a DWS location near you in order to apply for the Specified Relative Grant.

Division of Child and Family Services - Prevention: Child abuse prevention information.

Crime Victims Reparations: Application to receive medical and mental health assistance if you or the child you are caring for is the victim of a crime.